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5 Crucial Tips When Decorating Your Home

By namague Jun12,2020

When you’ve reached the time to renovate your home or you’re facing the beautiful challenge to decorate the internal space of your new home, there are so many things to think about.

The walls, the furniture, the kitchen, and the tiles, are all important individually and must receive the proper attention. What’s more important here is the overall aspect and combining all of them together.

In this article, we’re going to share 5 tips for you that you must know when you’re decorating your interior. Read on see what must not slip your mind at these times!

1. Choose the paint job

Choosing the best colors for interior painting is a serious issue that requires knowledge. Luckily for everyone, it’s not rocket science and it’s easy to learn in a short time.

On top of the rules that you need to follow, it’s important to understand that every person has a preference, so if you feel like some paint is more suitable for you than others, go with it and don’t mind the professionals’ advice. They are not going to live there.

What you do need to listen to is the finishing and the details about it. For example, every experienced designer will tell you to choose a paint sheen if you’re living with children as this is protecting your walls and makes it super easy when you need to clean them.

2. Determine a style

Some people love a good old rustic house. Others prefer a minimalistic approach. It’s all a matter of preference, as we already said.

If you’re going to live in the place you’re decorating, you need to choose what you love the most. See some magazines and articles on the internet and see how the different styles look like. There’s no rule here, it’s up to you and your wishes.

When you do find out what is the best option, go with that and be sure that you’ll enjoy living in that space for the next couple of years. Until you get a desire for a new renovation. See more styles here.

3. Start from the bottom

A piece of super-useful advice that professionals will give you is – start from the bottom. Always fix the floor first. Then go with the walls, and finish with the details at last.

The reason for this is that you can’t have a perfect visual on the issues that might arise when you’re trying to decorate every single room separately. You’ll end up having a clown house if you think that every room can be a separate story.

4. Spend more on essentials and less on furniture

There’s no logic in spending more money on furniture, lighting, or art than spending on the essential parts of the home. You need to invest more in things that are going to be there for a much longer period, like the floor, the walls, doors, and windows.

Think about what it will look like if you have an over expensive painting on your bedroom wall while the windows are cracked, and the wind blows through them. That’s why you need to spend most of the investment in crucial things and what will be left can go to these less essential things.

5. Don’t forget the details

Finally, when you’re done with everything, you can pay more attention to details, like paintings, bowls, flowers, etc. These things make the atmosphere rather than the quality of life.

However, as we said in the previous chapter, there’s no logic to spend on them if you have no basics covered. When everything’s done, choose some of the details that will make you feel comfortable and happy. Think flowers, rafts, books, whatever makes you happy. See more advice here:


These 5 tips should give you an easier job decorating. Since this is a highly difficult job and people spend a lot of time studying all aspects of it, you should know that it’s not easy solving all problems without knowledge.

For this, you need to pay attention to the details listed above, and with it, you can be sure that you’re covering the basics of the decorative business. Having these things done means you did most of the job.

By namague

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