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How to choose a web-hosting service for your business

By namague Jun12,2020

Do you own a small business? Maybe you just want your product or service to be known the world over. Creating a mobile-friendly website is a great first step to do. Once you have a website locally made on your pc, it is high time to get it shared on the internet for everyone else to view. That’s where website hosting services come into play. They host or accommodate your website online for everyone else to view it.

There are hundreds if not thousands of web hosts in the market, and if you are an inexperienced webmaster, you can be a bit confused about which one suits your business. Below is what you need to know about web hosting service and the role they play. Top Features to consider in a web hosting company.

· Uptime Guarantee.

Uptime is an essential and critical feature. The best uptime guarantee should always be available. You don’t want your customers to experiencing downtime when your website is not available. HostGator is one of the best Webhosting services available.

· Fast Load Time.

Your website should load in the shortest time possible. You have about 15 seconds to get the attention of your customer. If your website does not load, it will annoy a potential lead, and you will end up losing a potential client.

· Excellent Customer Support.

Excellent customer service comes in handy, especially when you are not sure what you are doing as an admin of your website. You want a host that will offer support whenever you face a challenge in your website. It should have a good customer service that is knowledgeable and easy to work with.

· Location.

Location is a crucial factor to consider while choosing a web host. Choose a web host that is near your location as well as a large number of servers in the same place. The more servers near your location, the faster the service.

· Bandwidth

It is essential to know the space in your disk as well as the bandwidth. If your site features dozens of pages, a lot of traffic, or lots of graphics, you will need decent bandwidth and large disk space. But if your site does not do loads of work, you are good to go with less disk space and bandwidth.

· Compatibility

It is advisable to consider the type of Operating System that is supported by your host. Some Hosts will require you to change your Operating system for them to be Compatible.

· Reliability

The available rates of good web hosts should be 98 to 99%. With such uptime, then it is easy to make claims. Always ensure that they make good on their promises.

· Security

Ensure to learn about the available security features before settling on a WebHost.  Security features such as daily backups, firewalls, and user authentication should be included. Also, it is essential to receive notifications on your website’s changes and be alerted on any suspicious activities going on.


If you are looking for cheap Webhosting services, consider the above features and factors keenly. Also, take your time while choosing. It is better to choose a web host that is worth your while than rush into one that you will forever regret. Are you a fan of scuba diving? To learn more about scuba diving visit

By namague

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