Understand Everything about Long Island Expert Witness Surveying

Have in mind that everything started back in the day in 1782 in the case of Folkes & Chadd in which surveyor was used as an expert witness.

The case presented an idea on whether farmers can be responsible for silting of Wells Harbor, and since then surveyors have worked as witnesses on numerous occasions and instances.

It is essential to understand that expert witness is everyone that has specialized knowledge on some specific subject so that he/she can give an opinion based on the case data and information.

This opinion is made to the court and publicly, while both defense and prosecution can hire surveyors to get the professional advice on some specific topic.

That is why you should check Long Island expert witness surveying official website for more information on this particular topic.

That is why both sides would have to consider calling RICS or Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors as expert witnesses that will help in numerous disputes that may happen along the way.

When Do You Need A Surveyor Expert Witness?

Have in mind that expert witnesses and surveyors are required for numerous types of cases that you may consider. Naturally speaking, only they can involve in the field of expertise that will provide them accurate prediction.

For instance, if you have to calculate things such as valuations, defecting building works, boundary disputes, part wall issues, and many more.

Usually, surveyors will visit the property in which happened everything based on the court case, and he/she will try to gather all relevant information based on their levels of expertise.

Finally, they will create a report that will ultimately comply with valid regulations that are based on the state you live in. Back in the day, every single party could easily hire their surveyor, and each one would favor the side that is paying them.

However, according to the latest regulations, all expert witnesses have to be without interests to any party during the court case. You should click here to learn more on surveying in general.

The fact is that the court will only allow one expert during the procedure, and the appointment will not come from prosecution or defense but directly from the court.

The Reasons Why You Should Find Expert Witness Surveyor

Have in mind that most properties that surround us have defined boundaries with walls, fences, edging stones, hedges as well as sides of buildings, rivers, and roads. Therefore, it is essential to maintain these boundaries so that you can ensure the efficiency of them.

In case those boundaries are not clearly defined, you have to make sure that you and your neighbor agree where it is, and if you cannot do it, the best way is to find surveyor as an expert witness that will help both sides and provide you objective perspective on the problem.

When you change the boundaries by replacing hedge with a fence, you may create a dispute with a neighbor, which may affect both futures.

Therefore, we …

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