Installing the Sewer Line In Your New Home

There are many steps involved when your new house is being built. One of the first and most important is installing the sewer line that connects from the structure to the street. This must occur before any other plumbing can happen and it has to be done correctly to prevent issues in the future. This is how it is done.

Study the Land

When the sewer is ready to be installed, the trenchless pipeline contractor seattle wa is called in to determine where and how it should go in. They will survey the area and plot how the pipe will slope from the house to the street. It has to be at the right angle so that the items being drained through it will be less likely to clog it and cause further damage. Once they are sure of their findings, the construction can begin.

Prepare the Area

To set up the space for the sewer line, a narrow trench is dug into the ground. This process can also happen by tunneling through the dirt which will prevent damage to any grass that it might cut through. The soil is packed tight to keep it in place and either sand or an environmentally safe liner is slid inside to protect the pipeline from damage.

Install the Pipe

The contractors hired to install the sewer line will set each piece of PVC pipe into the trench one at a time. When it is in place, it is fused to the one before it either by screwing them together with a gasket or gluing them together. This process continues until it connects the house to the line in the street. The installers must follow the city’s rules to do this work so that the materials from your home safely reach the municipal waste treatment plant. Once the job is finished, the trench must be securely filled in if one was dug for the install.