What Should I Repair Before Selling My House?

By namague Apr29,2022

If you are planning on selling your home you may wonder if you should fix it up first. Most sales fail because the property does not meet potential buyers’ demands and needs. For example, if the other houses in the neighborhood appear to be in better condition, that may lower the price someone is willing to pay you for your home. At the same time, it’s not possible to repair everything, nor should you. However, here are some suggestions of the most important home repairs to do before trying to sell.

Foundation and Basement

One of the first things you should do is check the condition of your basement and foundation. Check for leaks or cracks. Potential clients are sometimes very picky about this. They likely will not be willing to purchase a home that may need foundation repair or any kind of excavating Brunswick to rebuild the foundation. If you can, it’s best that you get it repaired, as the asking price for the home will be more, not to mention the house will be safer.


You may have heard that walls have ears, but in this case, the walls speak. They say a lot about a property. Painting them with light colors or even white can create an effect of spaciousness. The kitchen, for example, should have neat walls to impress possible customers. Clean them with mild grease solvent. The same goes for bathrooms. Check for any damp spots in the drywall.

Outdoors: Garden and Backyard

The yard or garden of your home is like your cover letter. If you are selling a house with a porch, make sure it’s adequately clean and painted. Cut the grass and shrubs around it. Remove withered flowers and accommodate any pots or planters into their perfect space. Strive to give a sense of order and welcome. 


Maybe you need professional assistance to know exactly what should be done. Always request a quote before doing anything major like excavating Brunswick or painting the exterior, for example. Make sure your investment is worth it!

By namague

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