Rental Property Investment Pointers

Investing in a rental property is a fantastic strategy to build equity in real estate while also generating revenue from it. Here are some ways that you can maximize your investment’s profitability.

Assess Properties’ Condition Thoroughly

Investors need a thorough understanding of the work that they will need to do to make properties rentable. Make sure that you conduct a thorough inspection of every unit in multifamily housing. Do not assume that a unit is ready to rent because it is currently rented.

Plan Renovations With Contingencies

Distressed properties can generate great returns for investors who are comfortable steering big projects and have some experience working with reputable contractors. However, renovating a rental property can carry a fair amount of risk. When you are planning a budget for a project, you need to include some room in your plans both financially and logistically. Without contingencies, delays and change orders can represent an overwhelming hardship for developers and investors.

Get Great Management

The day-to-day operations involved in running commercial property or habitational use typically require the oversight of a professional manager. Find a management company with experience serving real estate investors in your area. If you need a rental property management company Cincinnati OH, identify a company that already has an active portfolio of local properties.

Set Rents the Right Way

Asking for rent that is at the very top of the housing market’s range in your area could backfire. Do a market study of rental prices in your area for properties that have both comparable sizes and features and find a good middle ground. Setting reasonable rents helps you attract excellent tenants and can reduce turnover. 

Lastly, investors should get loan rates from more than one lender to make sure that you are getting competitive terms. If you have liquid capital, making cash purchases and then taking out loans against individual properties could be a strategic way to access more favorable terms.