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Top Things To Do in Boonsboro MD

By namague May22,2020

Set just over an hour north and west of Baltimore Maryland, the little town of Boonsboro offers a variety of fun things to do for residents and visitors alike. Looking for a way to spend time in the area? Try one of these popular activities.

Visit a Historical Site

Like many areas on the East Coast of the United States, the heart of Maryland hosts a variety of historical locations. The town of Boonsboro itself is named after the famous Boone family, relatives of Daniel Boone. It housed a major medical facility during the American Civil War and a variety of commemorative sites can still be found around the town. Visitors can enjoy these and other sites, including a variety of historic old houses.

Go on a Hike

Natural wonders abound in this area. The town is famous for its crystal caverns, which feature a brilliant display of stalactites and stalagmites that can be toured for a small fee. Additional sites include several luxurious state parks with hiking or biking trails ideal for anyone who loves getting into nature. Don’t forget to check out some of Maryland’s lovely campsites that range from all-natural plots to little cabins perfect for family gatherings.

Check Out the Local Shopping

Although the town is small, it offers a fun selection of shops, restaurants and boutiques, including some of the best hand-made clothing Boonsboro MD. Gift shops abound, offering all sorts of keepsakes and local treasures. Bookstores, antique shops and farmers markets give the town a well-rounded feeling, allowing visitors to stock up on the comforts of home as well as items that can’t be found anywhere else.

From natural wonders to synthetic delights, Boonsboro Maryland has something for everyone. Although the town is little and quiet, it can still throw a good party and offers many ways to celebrate both past and current holidays.

By namague

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