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How to Know When You Need to Empty Your Septic Tank

By namague May27,2020

While a city has sewer service, those living outside the city often have septic tanks. Nothing turns the yard into a no-go zone like the septic tank overflowing. Not to mention, the house no longer has a place for sewage to go. Before it gets to that point, look out for these signs that it may be time to pump out the tank.


Probably the biggest thing to keep in mind when considering how often to have the tank emptied are the amount of usage it has. Large households with lawn maintenance and a pool put a lot more strain on the system than an older couple with only two toilets and no irrigation or excess outdoor water use. The older couple may only need to pump the tank every seven years, while the larger family may need the tank pumped in as little as two. Finding a septic tank service Orlando Florida can help you determine a regular maintenance schedule for your household.


In some cases, the maintenance schedule ends up being too far away affecting the reliability of the septic system. For example, a clogged system or a faulty pump may warrant an off-schedule tank emptying. The occasional pumping can help the repairman fix issues with the system or replace an older system. When issues arise, ask the company you hire if emptying the tank may help increase the reliability of the system.


If this is the first home you’ve had with a septic system, it may be worth asking the previous owner about their pumping schedule and the issues they had. For seasoned septic owners, create a list detailing any issues you had prior to the last pump. If there were overflow problems, you may want to consider pumping out the tank sooner than planned. By keeping a checklist, owners can avoid the health hazards and expensive repairs that can happen when the septic tank overflows.

By namague

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