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Some Unique, Stylish, and Decorative Wall Painting Techniques

By namague Nov14,2019

Leave the old wall painting technique and apply the style below to display a unique, beautiful and decorative interior design of the house. Listen together! If you already have a dream home, of course, you want to decorate and make the house more beautiful.

Doing these two things is not just by adding furniture or decoration. Painting the walls of a house can make your home look more beautiful. To get a beautiful and unique wall appearance you can use some of the wall painting techniques below or you can also hire a best and experienced painter like MALERKANONEN. The interior design of your home will be guaranteed to be more decorative and stylish!

Make Fine Lines

It turns out that the broom fibers can not only be used as a cleaner home page. You can also use it as a tool to make the walls of your home look beautiful and look textured. First, your walls are painted with a base layer, you can choose the basic color according to what you like. After that, paint the wall again with the color that you will use as the main color of the room.

While the paint is still wet, pull the broom from one end of the wall to the other until it ‘removes’ a portion of the paint and creates fine lines on your wall. If you don’t have a broom, a brush can also be used. You can make vertical, horizontal or even diagonal lines to your liking.

Painting with a Sponge

Sponges can be used to add or remove paint from your walls. If you want to add color to your walls with a sponge technique, make sure the base paint is dry. Dip some of the sponge in the paint, then first put it on a board to remove excess paint, don’t let the paint drip from the sponge, then sponge the sponge on the wall you want.

The results of paint with this technique will form like a cloud, so it will be suitable for making drawings in a child’s room. Another technique is to use a damp sponge. After the primer is dry, paint the wall the color you like. When the paint is still wet, dip the sponge in the water, then squeeze it so the water doesn’t drip.

Dab this half-wet sponge on the paint to ‘erase’ some color from the wall. Use this technique repeatedly on the entire surface of the wall. The result, your wall will look like marble.

Abstract Wall with Lap

For this method, you can use a table cloth, chamois, or even an unused t-shirt. Just like with the technique of using a wet sponge, you must do this technique on a wall that is still wet. There are also two ways to do this technique.

The first is with lap rolls, you have to use a dry cloth for this technique. You wipe the roll like sausage, but try to give the texture to the cloth. Roll the wet cloth as you would with a roller brush to ‘wipe’ paint that is still wet. If you don’t like the results, you can repaint and do the same thing again.

The second way with a rag is to squeeze the rag so it makes another texture. Spread the squeeze of this cloth on the paint that is still wet. To make different abstract motifs, change the position of the fabric in each bottle, so as to form a different texture.

Stencil Technique

The technique of painting the next wall is arguably quite difficult. Giving a stencil to the wall is one way to give your house a different look. You can choose the desired stencil motif.

If you are confused, you can search for images that you like on the internet and print them. Or if you have beautiful paper towels, you can use them. Paste the printed image on the wall, then paint the color you want. After that, remove the mold, with this easy way, you can get a unique and attractive wall display.

Geometry Motifs with Masking Tape

Masking tape or paper solation is used in this one painting technique. As usual, you coat the wall first with priming. After the base layer is dry, attach the masking tape to your liking. You can make plaid, triangle, honeycomb motifs, even just simple lines. Fill the parts in these shapes with the color of your choice. Once done, remove all masking tape and you get a beautiful wall.

By namague

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