Making Good Use of Your Outdoor Deck

By namague Feb11,2020

If you are lucky enough to have a deck on your home, you already have what many homeowners and renters just dream about, and you may have an under-used gem in your possession. Employ a few of the following suggestions and you could have a whole new space to live in.

Finish or Refinish

Maybe the reason your deck in not used very often, is because the wood is rough and not user-friendly. In this case a power sander could become your best friend. Sand down the entire deck so it is barefoot- friendly and will take a finish uniformly, then apply a stain or colored wood preserver to maintain its new beauty.

Fix up the Hot Tub

If your deck is not located near a pool, your hot tub can take its place in many instances. Family talks, entertaining or just relaxing after a hard day are all good reasons to make the most of your hot tub. Add a table of similar height so that you have some place to sit sodas and ice to refresh your guests and place a couple of reclining lounges nearby. If your hot tub is not operating at its best, call the hot tub and pool maintenance Pittsburgh homeowners rely on to make their repairs.

Add Some Lights

String up some Edison lights or hanging lanterns to add a bit of a magical glow to the deck area. Try to use yellow-tinted bulbs if you have a problem with mosquitoes or bugs. You might also enhance the atmosphere and bring more light in with candles, but keep in mind that breathing citronella vapors can be harmful people and they are no longer thought to keep bugs away. Opt instead to use soy wax or even battery operated candles to add to the intimate feel.

As you can see, you can create a dreamy oasis away from everyday worries, or at least a peaceful place to contemplate them, by updating your deck. You may find that it becomes one of your favorite places to gather with your family and to end your day.

By namague

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