Be Aware of the 3 Most Common House Pests

By namague Feb11,2020

No home is vulnerable to pest invasions. Whether the building is brand new or has been around for years, owners should prepare for any unwelcome organisms that can affect their property, comfort and health. While climate conditions, location and other factors can impact the types of pests that residents encounter, they can expect to see these creatures more often than others.

House Spiders

Webs in the corners of most rooms are the work of house spiders. These arachnids are usually brown with yellowish and white colors and inhabit small spaces where their webs can catch smaller insects for food. While they do not tend to bite unless threatened and are generally harmless, they can still be a nuisance to owners trying to keep the area clean. The sealing of cracks is the best way to prevent house spiders and vacuuming webs can effectively eliminate them.

Bed Bugs

A bedroom can be considered the most intimate part of a house; therefore, it also needs to be the safest. Unfortunately, bed bugs can prey on sleeping inhabitants and feed on their blood. These creatures can even move through unusual locations like stuffed animals and airplanes to seek new hosts. This pest is not easy to eliminate, so owners recruit exterminators who specialize in bed bugs fort myers to achieve effective results.


Not all home pests consist of insects and arachnids. Mice and rats can fit through every small opening and space throughout the building. If left unchecked, these rodents can terrify people, destroy property and carry powerful hantaviruses. Just as with most pests, the best way to prevent them is by covering every void and crack, as well as maintaining a strong drainage system. Professionals must interfere if rodents are present.

Pests always negatively impact home life, ranging between nuisances and health hazards. Homeowners need to observe the presence and frequency of these organisms to contact experienced exterminators and resolve the situation.

By namague

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