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Coffee Tables Put Your Good Taste On Display

By namague Sep14,2023

Coffee Tables Put Your Good Taste On Display

Your living room is as unique as you are. Whether your style reflects an intimate, urban space or a large country home, the coffee table is one indispensable item that sets the tone for your personal style. This statement piece is a “must have” for any common area. Contrary to their name, coffee tables are rarely used to just hold a cup of Joe or an aptly named coffee table book! With so many sizes and styles available, choosing the right one can be an overwhelming decision. The great selection of tables online will help you find the perfect pieces to complement your home.

When choosing coffee tables for your home, consider what other furniture is in the room. If you’ve already purchased your sofa, chairs or other seating furniture, the coffee table should fit with your theme and function. Do you have an L-shaped sofa or several overstuffed chairs? While rectangular tables are still the most popular, if you have guests over regularly, you may want to consider multiple pieces or a round table for circulation. What is the traffic flow? Will your guests both sit and stand in your living room? If you have just one table that is the focal point, make sure to choose one that is roughly the same height as your sofa cushions or slightly lower. The table should be just far enough from the seating area to reach over and grab a snack but spacious enough to circulate around it without banging your knees. Low coffee tables are popular in Europe, allowing a more casual approach to entertaining.

The traditional rectangular shape has been modified by designers through the years in a multitude of variations for good reason. If your coffee table needs to complement other pieces in your living space, this shape easily fits with many styles of furniture and is tremendously functional. Round tables encourage circulation and engage conversation; an oversized round table can even double as a dining area. Square coffee tables add a splash of sophistication and can break up other rectangular aspects of your living room such as doors and windows. Staggering the surface heights of tables heighten visual interest and increase function in your room. These rules of thumb will help you determine how your furniture fits in your personal space.

What’s underneath your coffee table? Do you need a second level to hold magazines, books or stow away used trays of food for comfort or convenience? Some coffee tables include folding lids for extra storage underneath that still provide a clean look. Or would you rather be able to stretch your feet under your table or have room for Fido to relax and still be within petting reach? Recessed legs can help provide hidden space for these considerations.

Coffee table sets make a living room fun and versatile. You may find that nesting coffee tables provide a great solution; saving space but providing function for that Superbowl party or an intimate gathering. They can also be accent pieces to add a splash of color or texture to your room.

Finally, do you prefer wood, metal, glass, or a combination of these elements for your table? Do these materials match the fabric and wood of your seating, paint, trim and carpet? If you going to move the table frequently, you might want to choose a design that is lightweight and easy to pick up when clearing space for your yoga group or play space for small children.

By namague

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