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Exploring the Retro Revival: 70s Interior Design Trends

A Nostalgic Throwback

Take a journey back in time to the groovy era of the 1970s, where interior design was a vibrant expression of creativity and freedom. The 70s brought a unique blend of bold colors, funky patterns, and futuristic elements that still captivate us today.

Groovy Colors and Bold Hues

One of the defining features of 70s interior design was its bold and vibrant color palette. From avocado green to burnt orange and mustard yellow, these hues adorned walls, furniture, and accessories. Bold was the name of the game, with rooms often drenched in rich, earthy tones that exuded warmth and personality.

Funky Patterns and Textures

Patterns took center stage in 70s interior design, with psychedelic prints, geometric shapes, and floral motifs adorning everything from wallpaper to upholstery. Shag carpets added a plush and inviting texture to floors, while macramé wall hangings brought a touch of bohemian charm to walls.

Futuristic Flair: Space-Age Inspiration

The 1970s was a time of fascination with the future, and this was reflected in interior design. Sleek, space-age furniture with chrome accents and futuristic shapes became popular. Circular sofas, pod chairs, and egg-shaped beds were not uncommon sights in 70s homes, adding a touch of modernity and innovation.

Open-Plan Living and Conversation Pits

As the era embraced a more relaxed and communal lifestyle, open-plan living became popular. Walls came down to create flowing spaces that encouraged interaction and socializing. Conversation pits, sunken seating areas often surrounded by built-in sofas, became a staple of 70s homes, offering a cozy spot for gathering.

Natural Elements: Bringing the Outdoors In

The 70s also saw a deep appreciation for nature reflected in interior design. Wood paneling, exposed brick walls, and stone accents brought a sense of the outdoors inside. Indoor plants thrived in macramé hangers, adding a touch of greenery and freshness to living spaces.

Iconic Furniture Pieces: Timeless Classics

Some of the most iconic furniture pieces emerged from the 70s, many of which are still coveted today. Think Eames lounge chairs, Saarinen tulip tables, and Wassily chairs. These pieces blended form and function seamlessly, becoming timeless symbols of 70s design.

Bohemian Vibes and Free Spirit

The 70s embraced a bohemian aesthetic that celebrated freedom and individuality. Hammocks, beaded curtains, and Moroccan rugs added an eclectic touch to interiors. This free-spirited vibe encouraged personal expression and creativity in home décor.

Mixing Old with New: Retro Revival Today

Today, the retro charm of 70s interior design is experiencing a revival. Designers and homeowners are embracing the nostalgia of the era, mixing vintage finds with modern elements to create spaces that are both timeless and current. From retro wallpaper to mid-century modern furniture, the 70s continue to inspire and captivate us.

Creating Your Own Retro Haven

To infuse your space with the essence of 70s interior design, start by incorporating key elements. Opt for bold colors like avocado green and burnt orange, and add funky patterns with wallpaper or textiles. Incorporate vintage furniture pieces or modern reproductions for an authentic retro feel. Don’t forget to add some natural elements like indoor plants and wood accents to bring warmth and texture to your space.


The 70s were a time of bold experimentation and vibrant creativity in interior design. From groovy colors and funky patterns to futuristic shapes and bohemian vibes, the era continues to inspire and influence us today. Whether you’re looking to fully embrace the retro revival or just add a touch of 70s flair to your space, there are endless ways to bring the spirit of the era into your home. Read more about 70s interior

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