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New Living Room Tables Add Life To Your Room

By namague Sep18,2023

New Living Room Tables Add Life To Your Room

Tables in your living room can almost disappear from sight over time. While they may catch your fancy initially, they eventually become part of the scenery, serving as a place to set your remotes and drinks, nothing more.

New living room tables can really add energy to a room once again. Part of the reason for this is a renaissance in table designs. Manufacturers and designers have gone back to the drawing board, creating fresh new designs that are hardly wallflowers.

In fact, there are literally thousands of new living room tables on the market today, from the traditional staples of a living room, the coffee table and end tables, to new tables that add beauty and charm, such as an accent table or an occasional table.

If you don’t know the difference between all the new living room tables out on the market, don’t feel bad. The lines have become increasingly blurred as designers and decorators have pushed the envelope to find new ways to add beauty, charm and even vibrancy to our living spaces.

Part of the reason for this renaissance is the fact that many of us are stuck in our current homes, thanks to the housing market. Rather than move, homeowners are reinventing their existing homes, doing some remodeling and redecorating.

New living room tables are part of this strategy to breathe new life into existing spaces. This has led to new designs that are far more contemporary and even bold in their expression.

It wasn’t so long ago that all the major tables in the room were variations of wood. True, you could get a lovely veneer table crafted from exotic woods, and you still can. But joining them are new looks, including glass and metal tables, eco-friendly materials, Plexiglas and new living room that are unique, such as a steamer trunk or set of antique luggage stacked atop one another (or new furnishings made to look like them).

Other tables have been reinvented, such as the venerable coffee table. Once used for cocktails, it has morphed into a multipurpose piece of furniture that redefined form and flexibility. Depending on the model, you can get a coffee table that offers more storage or which converts into a table, thanks to its cantilevered top.

If you still gravitate towards traditional wood furniture, you’ll find plenty of new living room tables to choose from. One of the trends sweeping homes right now is to use different kinds of tables as end tables. As you know these tables can help visually define a space. This comes in very handy in today’s great rooms, where the lines are often blurred when it comes to deciding where a dining area or a nook ends and the main living area starts.

Instead of using end tables that match the coffee table, homeowners are experimenting with new shapes for the tables, or even foregoing end tables all together and going with smaller accent tables, which tend to be have a bit more ornamentation or design features.

If you love modern or contemporary, you won’t feel left out when it comes to tables that can give your room a well-deserved makeover. Glass is always a favorite, but you can also get tables in stone or faux stone, Plex, aluminum, steel and other materials.

The secret is to find a look that not only works for you visually, but functionally as well. Rather than simply being a set of glorified shelves to hold drinks and lamps, living room tables are being designed to help you solve your storage, entertainment and lifestyle problems, giving your living room a new lease on life with exciting, fresh designs.

By namague

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