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Authentic Chesterfield Giveaways

By namague Aug2,2022

Authentic Chesterfield Giveaways

Since Chesterfield is a style name you will be able to pick up chesterfield sofas at most upper class furniture stores. There are tons of imitators out there so here are a list of things to look for as you start shopping around.

Leather – Make sure to ask if the leather is Demic or Aniline. Demis sofas are made of lower quality patchwork leathers where as Aniline sofas are made from one solid piece of leather that makes it much more durable and long lasting.

Creases – We recommend making sure that the creases in your sofa are over half an inch. Without a deep enough crease your sofa can quickly become misshapen as the folds pop out.

Padding- There should be a sufficient amount of padding so that you can’t feel the hard edges of your sofa when you sit down.

Nails- Polished nails is indicative of a chesterfield sofa piece, but many manufacturers duplicate this look by just gluing strips of nail heads onto the exterior of the sofa. Make sure they are real nails.

These features will help you to tell the authentic pieces from the cheap imitators. Quality is a big deal, especially with a royal style of furniture. You want this chesterfield sofa to last and be timeless in you home.

Chesterfield sofa pieces should be made with the highest quality of materials and a sturdy construction. Because of this you will pay for it. Sofa’s range from $2,500 and go all the way up to $5,000. Remember that these types of sofas are the cream of the crop in the sofa world and you truly will get what you pay for.

Chesterfield sofa pieces can be made in several different colors as the leather can be dyed. The style will not change too much as chesterfield is a sought after specific style.

By namague

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