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3 Types of Foundations and Their Benefits

By namague Apr2,2022

Before building walls, windows, or roofs, you lay the building’s foundation. This creates the stability the structure will depend on for years to come. There are 3 main types of house foundations, each with different benefits and best utilized in locales.

1. Concrete Slab

Slab foundation Killeen TX is the most cost-saving option. There is very little excavation required for pouring the footers, it installs quickly and requires the least amount of maintenance throughout its life. They are perfect for locations where deep freezes are infrequent or non-existent; the foundation will crack as the ground expands and contracts. Also, unlike the other options, you lose some additional storage space, and repairs can be expensive if they require cutting into the slab. They also offer little protection for your home in the event of extreme weather, but flooding is also less likely to be an issue.

2. Crawl Space

A foundation with a crawl space is a step above the slab in costs. Footers are installed below the frost line, requiring some excavation, and then the home is built on a foundation above the ground. The space beneath the house allows easy access to utilities, reduces the chance the building will be flooded, and provides warmth and insulation to the ground floor of the home. Its downfall is in moisture control, requires more maintenance than a slab, and also has minimal protection for severe weather.

2. Basement

A basement foundation is the most expensive option. Mirroring the footprint of the home, a slab is laid at a depth of eight feet or more and poured concrete walls are established. This increases the square footage of the home for living or storage purposes. It also offers the best anchor in a storm but it can be prone to flooding. Depending on the terrain, a walkout basement with doors and windows can also create an inviting living space.

In the end, your choice of foundation boils down to personal preference and potential cost restrictions.

By namague

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