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Items To Have Inspected After You Buy a New Home

By namague Apr2,2022

If you are in the market for a new home, you likely already have plans to have a home inspector look over the home and point out any potential issues. While that is always a great idea, the home inspector isn’t trained to identify issues in everything. So, instead of taking chances, there are a few items you’ll want to have inspected by professionals after you buy a new home.

Heating and Cooling Unit

Most home inspectors will turn the HVAC unit on and test the temperature of the air coming out of the air return. Checking the air temperature is an important step. However, it doesn’t fully certify that the unit is in good working condition. Because of that, you want to have a certified cooling and heating installation Berlin MD company come out and service the unit. They will clean and test various parts of the system and can also inspect the vents, so you know if they need cleaning.

Water Heater

Even though a water heater might do its job and heat the water in the tank, that doesn’t mean it’s not having problems. If a water heater isn’t regularly flushed and drained, you could find that you have hot water one second and the next you don’t. To help keep the unit in the best working condition possible, you’ll want to have a service technician come out and look at it. When inspecting the water heater, they’ll also test the thermostat and ensure that the tank doesn’t have signs of leakage.


If you don’t have a solid, sturdy roof, you’ll find that you likely have many other problems pop up around your new home. A home inspector will simply look for missing shingles or tiles. They won’t be qualified to dig deeper into the roof’s health. So, you should hire a roofing expert to look at the roof. That way, they will stop any minor issues before they become catastrophic ones.

By namague

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