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3 Things To Remember To Include When Building a Home

By namague Nov12,2019

When you decide to build your own home, the outcome of the entire structure suddenly rests entirely in your hands. From the angle of the building on your property to the style of the structure, your dreams are suddenly coming to life in a form you may never have envisioned. While you have probably considered what you want to include in your new home’s design, there are a few things most homeowners forget. Here are three things you should remember to include in your new home.

1. Extra Garage Space

Many designs offer the option for an expanded garage, and you would be smart to choose the enlarged version. Whether the design offers more depth or a few extra feet in width, you will love not having to worry about where to put bikes, tools, and Christmas decorations. Those extra feet can make a huge difference when you are parking your cars, too.

2. Smart Home Devices

If you enjoy the benefits of what a smart home has to offer, why not build the devices right into your structure? Some homeowners even choose to have a “wire room” at the heart of their house to access all the theatrical and game options, music piping, and video camera selections. You can also add doorbells, locks, and thermostats to your smart room operations. Check with your St. Augustine home builders to find out which options best fit your style of life.

3. Under Cabinet Lighting

Almost everyone remembers that lighting in important in the kitchen, but many people are unaware of how valuable under cabinet lighting can be. Not only is the specialty lighting scheme aesthetically charming, but it can also be very practical. Choose a strip, bulb, or string – whichever type fits your lifestyle.

You have control over your new home design, so take advantage of your dreams and add them to the plan. By creating a home with these three features, you are making sure that form and function work together to pay big dividends in your final creation.

By namague

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