Best House Siding Options

By namague Nov12,2019

Only a few home improvement projects can offer as much as siding does. When you select the right siding material, it will enhance performance, improve curb appeal and boost your property’s value. If you are considering installing siding in your home, look at the features, cost and maintenance requirements of the material.

Fiber-cement siding

Fiber-cement is a combination of durable, fire resistant and aesthetically pleasing materials. It has the good looks of wood but attracts a higher resale price than other siding options. Fiber-cement siding installation is not a DIY task; you would require an expert like siding st louis county mo for fixing and maintenance.

Wood siding

If you are looking for a highly attractive home siding alternative, you should opt for wood siding. You can apply paint or stain coat that matches your home’s design. Maintaining it is relatively easy, but you cannot install it over existing siding. The downside of wood is that insects, sun exposure and rotting can damage it. Therefore, proper care and handling during installation are paramount.

Aluminum siding

While it was a great match during the 20th century, aluminum siding eventually lost value and fell out of the market for a while. However, now it is back in a better way than the original version. Manufacturers have included improved joints and realistic texturing, which are viable options for homeowners. Aluminum siding is eco-friendly and fireproof. The downside is that it is a good conductor of heat, which makes it a poor energy conserver.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is not only a low-cost product, but it is also easy to install. Many homeowners are pleased with vinyl siding’s final look, especially with the latest advancements that have improved the aesthetics. You can also cover up the old siding with vinyl. The downside is that it has low thermal blocking abilities.

Now that you understand your options, you are in a better position of choosing the best alternative. Consult with an expert for advice on what best suits your house. Also, never attempt DIY installation.

By namague

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