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What Landlords and Tenants Should Know

By namague Apr8,2022

Disagreements develop between landlords and tenants. Whether the issue is noncompliance with the lease, negligence or something else, disputes happen and a resolution is needed.

When landlords and tenants cannot resolve a dispute, they may need the help of an attorney to guide them and assist in explaining their rights. Investigate landlord tenant rights Manassas VA to determine where you stand in your dispute. Below are a few things that landlords and tenants should know.

What Landlords Should Know

Once a tenant occupies the premises, the landlord cannot randomly enter the home whenever they choose. They will have to provide a specific amount of notice if they need to enter. The landlord also needs to provide the reason why they need to enter the premises. Of course, if there is an emergency situation, the landlord can legally enter the premises.

Landlords can evict tenants. However, they have to follow specific guidelines to do so. If they do not, a tenant may have certain rights around staying in the home. The landlord can also increase rent. Usually, an increase in rent before the end of the lease can only occur for a few specific reasons.

What Tenants Should Know

There are basic rights that a tenant has including the ability to live in a habitable home. The home should be a safe and healthy setting. The process of acquiring the home should be free of discrimination. Keep in mind, that the lease will include more specific information about tenant and landlord rights related to that specific property.

Know your rights before a dispute arises. However, if there is a conflict, contact an attorney to get guidance on the steps you need to take to resolve your issue. Knowing your rights and understanding the implications of not following the law, can help you determine what steps you need to take.

By namague

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