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What is the Best Way to Find Property Lines?

By namague Jun27,2022

Before locating a property’s property lines, it’s essential to know which property is which. You should avoid using the compass method if you are planning to build a pool, new driveway, or add to your house without first identifying the exact line. Listed below are several ways to locate a property’s boundaries.  You can also look up the best way to find property lines Buford GA.

Google Maps

When you zoom in on Google Maps, you’ll see the actual property line for that address. This technique might not work if you don’t know your property lines. This technique also may not be as accurate as other methods. Listed below are some alternatives. You may also be able to download an app that allows you to see the property lines of a particular area. 

Plat maps and legal descriptions are great resources for locating property lines. But these can become outdated over time as new buildings or structures are added to an area. Alternatively, you can get property markers from your local planning or assessor’s office. These tools may cost a bit, but they’re the most effective way to find property lines. If unsure about your property lines, try using Google Maps to find them.

Out-of-date deeds

The best way to locate property lines is to look at the deeds to which you sold the property. Many older acts do not specify the exact boundaries of the property. Instead, they often refer to landmarks or features no longer present on the land. Having out-of-date deeds makes this task easier. The best way to locate property lines is to use public records, often found at your local county courthouse.

If you don’t have an up-to-date deed, you can look at streetlights and sidewalks to locate property lines. Often, streetlights and sidewalks are placed on property lines, so if you see a streetlight on a property, that’s the boundary. This information is helpful if you’re interested in buying a property or planning on building a new driveway or adding a room to your house.

Survey pins

Property lines are usually located at a distance of 33′ to the center of the street and approximately fourteen to fifteen feet from the curb. When using survey pins to find property lines, remember that the pins themselves may have moved over the years, but the property line has remained the same. Typically, survey pins are placed throughout the property so that you can determine the size of the property from the other nails.

In many communities, property lines are defined by property markers. These are metal rods about two to three feet long and covered with plastic caps. The purpose of the features is to mark the boundary of a piece of property and can also be used to determine setbacks. While these markers may not always be precise, they can be an accurate way to determine where your property begins. However, these are not the only way to find property lines.


There are several Apps for finding property lines and boundaries. These tools allow you to walk around the property and calculate the area or perimeter by pointing a pin. You can also convert area units to determine the length of your property or a particular piece of land. The app lets you mark your first and last positions on a map and can also convert those measurements. Some apps even allow you to keep the corners of your property.

Understanding property lines is essential to protect your privacy and prevent you from encroaching on the neighbor’s land. In addition, knowing where your land ends is necessary for mortgage lenders and title insurance companies. It also gives you peace of mind and helps you avoid a costly lawsuit. Listed below are some valuable Apps for finding property lines. Let’s take a look at some of them. The first one lets you locate property lines quickly.

Professional surveyor

It is essential to know the boundaries of your property. By doing so, you can avoid encroachment issues and disputes with neighbors. In addition, property lines make it easier to understand who is responsible for removing trees. If you are unsure how to locate property lines, you can seek the services of a professional surveyor. 

A professional survey is essential if you plan a building addition or other property changes. There are many legal ways to find property lines, but only a professional survey is legal and reliable. Plat maps, for example, show the exact measurements of properties. You can usually obtain these documents for a fee, and may also be available online. If you are unsure of how to find property lines, you can get a copy of the legal description of your property.

By namague

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