Tips to Moving Your Company

Your company is succeeding and is ready to grow. As much as you have evaluated the space, the location you are in is too small. Preparing your business to move can be a challenge but with careful planning it can be done efficiently. Here are a few tips to relocating to a new property.

Finding a New Building

Contact a realtor to help you find commercial properties for lease west chester pa that will provide the square footage that you will need to grow. It should also be easily accessible for your clients as well as require little construction before you move in. Visit the places that they find and narrow down your selections to the ones that will work best. Once you make your choice, have the contracts written up. Have your lawyer read them over before you sign. If changes will need to be made, talk to a contractor to see how much they will be and how long it will take for them to be completed.

Make the Announcement

When you have the new lease signed, inform your vendors and all state and federal organizations that you work with of your new address and the date you will be moving. You will also want to let your customers know of the change. Send a notice in the mail to them as well as announce it on your website and social media. You can post pictures of the new location and any construction that is happening to build your client’s excitement.

Arrange For the Move

Hire a truck to move the contents of your building from one property to the other .Arrange for your employees to either help you load and unload the truck or to work from home. Contact the post office to have your mail forwarded to the new place as well as phone service and utilities.