Tips for arranging a simple home page to make it look spacious and comfortable

By namague Nov24,2021

A simple home page can look spacious if the arrangement is right. Yup, in addition to the indoor area, the arrangement is also important for the outdoor area, especially the yard. Especially if you have a limited land area, you must automatically be smart in arranging the page to make it look more spacious and comfortable.

So, how to arrange a narrow home page correctly to make it more spacious? Let’s scroll down !

Tips for Organizing Home Pages to Make it Wider

For those of you who have a house with a minimalist model, you must be confused about how to arrange a simple home page to make it look wider. Doing a renovation may not be the right way, because it requires quite a lot of budget just for the sake of a home page.

Well, here are some tips for arranging a simple home page to make it look more spacious:

1. Determining the Concept for Furniture Arrangement

Who said determining the concept only applies to the interior of the house? It turns out that the outside area, especially the home page, also needs a concept to make it more comfortable, you know . Especially for a simple home page, you have to be wise in placing furniture in this area.

If you want your home page to be used as a place to sit and relax, then place 1-2 chairs and a table that is not too big. Then adjust the position of the chairs and tables at one point close to the terrace of the house.

In addition to chairs and tables, you also have to determine the layout of the lights. During the day the lights are not that important, but they are very useful at night. You really have to pay attention to the position of the lights so that the terrace and yard of the house get even lighting.

The home page is usually used for children’s play or put a vehicle. This should also be your consideration for determining or even dividing the simple home page as a place to play as well as a parking lot.

2. Use the Vertical Garden Technique

Presenting a small garden in a simple home page can also be done, you know . You can use the vertical garden technique to save the yard. For information, a vertical garden is a garden that is intentionally built perpendicular. This technique is called a wall garden, living wall , vertical landscape , green wall , and so on.

In addition to saving the area of ​​​​the yard, vertical gardens also have various functions, including reducing air pollution, increasing the supply of oxygen around the house, keeping the heat of the sun from entering the house, and others.

How to make a vertical garden on the home page is very simple. You can plant your favorite plants or flowers in pots, then arrange them from top to bottom. In addition to pots, you can also use PVC or bamboo paralon pipes as containers.

If using a pot, make sure all the pots you use are of the same color so that it looks more beautiful. Do not forget to adjust the position of the vertical garden so as not to interfere with access in and out of the home page.

3. Try not to add a fence to the house

One of the tips to make a simple home page look spacious is not to add a fence. Although the fence aims to make the house safer, in fact this can make the yard narrower.

As a barrier, you can outsmart it by planting trees or ornamental plants. Choose the type of tree or ornamental plant that grows upward. In addition to being wider, the yard will also look beautiful with the presence of these trees or ornamental plants.

But if you have already added a fence, you can overcome it by adding garden synthetic grass in the part of the yard you want. Do not add too many flowers or plants, so that the artificial grass seems airy.

You can also give rocks around the yard. These rocks do not have a broad effect on the yard, but they can add an aesthetic impression to the house.

Adjusting the light is also an important point so that the page area is not cramped. Therefore, choose a lamp and its type that suits your residential concept. For example, garden lights are deliberately placed in the corner of the garden. Or a classic model lamp that hangs on the roof of the terrace of the house.

More Comfortable with a Spacious Home Page

Limited land is not a big enough problem as long as you have a way to overcome it. Likewise with arranging the home page that should not be arbitrary. Moreover, the home page is the first part that will be seen by many people. You can also see how to arrange the page so that it looks beautiful .

Just like the interior of the house, a large yard will make you feel more comfortable and at home. Moreover, if the arrangement of furniture and plants is right, automatically the home page looks beautiful.

Thus the discussion about arranging a simple home page to make it look wider. How? Pretty easy to implement, right? Hopefully the three tips above are enough to help those of you who are confused about arranging your home page. Good luck!

By namague

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