Things To Consider Before Hiring Residential Landscaping Service

Your landscape has an impact on your property value. In addition, a properly installed and maintained yard or garden can turn your home into the showpiece of the neighborhood. However, there are a few things you should consider before you hire a landscaper.

Decide what You Want in Your Yard

Determine what you need. For example, do you only need maintenance, or does your yard need a complete overhaul? You should also discuss everything you want, from patios and paths to trees and shrubs. What about a pool, vegetable garden or pet run? Don’t forget about lighting.

A great place to start is thinking about how you plan to use your yard. Will you house pets, play games, bbq or relax? Also, what kind of atmosphere do you want? Consider how you want your yard to make you feel. Write these things down for your residential landscape services St Louis MO.

Get To Know Your Yard

You also need to get some information about your yard. First, is there anything in your landscape that you want to keep? Measure your yard, both your front and back yards along with any structures, and create a rough sketch. Add what is currently in place that you want to keep. Determine where the sun shines at different points during the day. Mark areas of full sun, partial sun and full shade.

You should also have your ground tested to ensure it has the proper pH to determine if any additional landscape maintenance needs to occur prior to planting. Then, watch how water drains from your yard to determine if any leveling or grading needs to be completed.

Research Landscapers

Find out as much as you can about the landscaping companies in your area. Look for businesses that offer the services you need. Find out about their sustainability policies and if use local, native plants. Search for online reviews as well as Better Business Bureau complaints and ratings.

When you are ready for your landscape installation or maintenance to begin, work with a reputable company that provides the services you need.