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The Three Types of Property Water Damage

By namague Feb4,2017

Structural damage affects the integrity of the residence. Structural damage can be caused by cracks in the foundation or water damage. If the damage occurs in the load-bearing walls, it can cause a house to collapse. Catching the water damage before it can do any structural damage is key to saving a home. One way to identify water damage Chesapeake VA is to know the category of the water damage.

Water Damage Caused by an Overflow

Damage to a property can occur because of an overflow of water outlets. Water outlets are any type of broken bathtubs, taps or leaky sinks. The damage may cause a property to replace drywall or tile. However, it is easy to repair and does not pose any type of health risks to the people living there. Water damage can cause mold on or inside the walls.

Water Damage Caused by Cracked Sewer Line

One of the types of water damage that causes a health risk is a crack in a water supply pipe, sewer line or roof. Besides posing a serious health risk, they can also damage furniture and the walls of the home. For instance, a leaky roof can damage furniture. It can also get into the walls and damage the electricity. The latter can cause a fire in the home.

This type of damage is easily fixed. It requires a water damage expert to remove the water. They second step is to identify the exact water damage source such as a roof or water supply. The last step is to repair the water blockage or leak.

The Most Serious Type of Water Damage can Cause Major Damage to the Home

The last type of water damage that can happen to a home requires the immediate help of a remediation specialist. The water damage occurs because of a blockage in pipes or excess rains. A large pool of water can cause toilets and other areas to backup into the house. The excess water can also mix with drinking water. If this happens, people drinking the contaminated water can become ill. The backed up and contaminated water also has foul order.

After identifying the problem, a remediation specialist will remove the dirty water via special tools. The last step is make major repairs. The homeowner may take steps to replace damaged furniture with new ones.

Is Water Damage Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover water damage that occurs in the home. However, the water damage must accidental and sudden. Some insurance companies may help homeowners pay for other types of water damage, but it depends on the policy.

Finding a Water Damage Expert to Repair the Damage

Many causes of water damage exists. It is important to hire a water damage professional to find the source of the water damage. The water damage can also occur slowly or rapidly. Never avoid repairing the water damage or the problem causing the water damage. It can make a home unsafe.

By namague

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