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Small Pops That Wow

By namague Nov12,2019

Sometimes when you go to someone’s house, it just feels complete and you can’t figure out how. When you stop and look, though, you might notice that the small touches are what give the added wow factor and make the home feel more finished. Steal some of those looks and apply them to your house to give it a super-polished look.

Rethink Your Railings

Even though there’s nothing wrong with the builder-grade railings that come standard with most homes, why not reimagine yours and replace them with something posher? Black metal balusters are elegant and classy-looking and instantly dress up the exterior of your house.

Add “Feet” To Kitchen Cabinets

Even if there’s absolutely nothing fancy about your kitchen, fake fanciness by making small, easy upgrades to it. Add furniture feet in strategic places throughout your cabinets to make them look dressier and more expensive.

Update Lighting

A home with dim, shadowy lighting feels dark and cavernous. Replace light fixtures throughout the house and swap out standard lightbulbs with LEDs. These are super bright and cost-effective; LEDs generally last 20 to 25 times longer than average bulbs.

Paint Interior Doors Black

You might think this sounds crazy, but don’t be deceived: Painting your doors black can help increase the value in your home. Black doors look more refined and elegant than white doors — and are also much easier to keep clean.

Replace Window Covers

Vinyl blinds make a home look dated and tired. Invest in some new window coverings, whether you prefer Venetian blinds, curtains or anything else. It’s a quick and efficient way to tie a room together.

Giving your home that completed look won’t happen overnight, but small changes here and there can transform it from a nice house to an impressive one. Take your time and do what you can as your budget allows; remember that home wasn’t built in a day.

By namague

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