Should You Get New Containers on Sale at a Storage in Charlotte

Whenever someone is trying to find the best shipping container on a sale to use it for something they need in their lives, they wonder if it is smarter to look for a used or a brand new one.

The new shipping containers are almost very expensive compared to the ones that were used at least once. Actually, the price significantly drops just by one trip of the boxes from one destination to another. These are the best bargain if you can find them. See this interesting article about how to buy a shipping container if you want to learn more.

The reason for this is that one trip can literally do no damage to them. They are as good as new. That’s why often on the market you’re going to find one-trip containers that are being sold as new. You’ll know that they had a trip by comparing the price with the others being sold at the storage place.

In the search for an answer, which is better, a new or a used one, you need to take into consideration a few things. Read on and see what they are!

How used the box really is?

Every item has a list of places it has been. However, this list is not easy to be found. You can only be told how long the product passed on the sea, but this is not information that can be completely useful for you. Containers traveling from freezing cold areas to extreme heat in one trip are going to be much more damaged than those traveling in short distances.

For example, the ones going from Toronto to Chicago their whole existence are not going to be as damaged as those traveling from New York to Singapore. To get there, the ship must pass some seriously different time zones and nature occasions, especially in winter.

Is it worth to pay for a new one?

The answer to this question is – depends on what you need it for? If you’re going to build a house where you’re going to live in and use it as a normal house of yours, it’s great to have a perfectly new box. However, understanding that the price is too high, the question of getting a one-trip box arises.

This one can be as affordable as 50% more than the completely new one. Another thing here is that you almost can’t find a completely new one because the companies are those who order the containers and get them directly from the factories.

The one-trip boxes are as good as new. They have no visible damages and they can serve you for as long as 20 years without showing any exhaustion. If you take care of them better and install proper insulation, they’ll go a lot more.

So, to answer the question, it’s worth paying more for a newer box. If there’s no damage whatsoever and you can’t find any rust on them, it means you’re getting a good deal no matter how higher their price is that the owner asks for. It may be double than the ones being very used, or even more, but understand that it is still a good deal.

Why? Because you may pay less for a damaged one, but you’ll have to spend more money on material and work to get them in the desired shape. So, before you spend your money on something, make sure you understand what are the pros and cons.

Where to get some of them?

There aren’t too many storage places in Charlotte that provide goods like these. New containers are not easy to be found. Check out this place as one of the places where you can find some – You have a variety of products here from which you can choose.

You can find some of than on other storage places around the state of North Carolina too. However, if you live in Charlotte, and you need it in the area of the city, you should know that the transport of a 40-feet box is not easy nor cheap.

If you find it from afar and you need it for a location around or in the city, you might need to pay more for the transport than for the box itself. How is this possible? Because these giant products might be very affordable, but they are so big that only specialized vehicles can get it from one place to another. Other specialized vehicles must load and unload the product and all this costs a lot of money.

Looking for something special might get you in a position to look for a box from another state. Since you can’t drive around the country looking for shipping containers, it’s best if you look for them online. Almost every place has an internet web page where you can see what they offer.

Finding something interesting there can be great but before you turn on your car and drive thousands of miles to see something in California or Montana, you must read some online reviews about the place, the owners, and the products being sold there.

The reason for this is that you don’t have to spend so much time and money on something like this because now the internet got you covered. Check out what their previous clients’ reviews and comments have to say about the place and the boxes and if you find issues that you can’t get around, don’t go there to shop. Read about the importance of internet in buying here:


With the things written above, it should be clear that a new container house deserves a well-preserved box. If you can get a new one for a fair price, then that’s the best choice you can make. If you are on a tight budget, then go for something more affordable but still good.

Any way you choose, make sure you get a product that will make a great house and won’t have damages and holes inside.