Search Engine Optimization – Fact Or Fiction?

Many website owners have dabbled in SEO and have tried to apply SEO principles on their website without much luck. This has led to many people who own websites to question the effectiveness of SEO. After many hours of onsite optimization and writing numerous articles, submitting to blog sites and article directories their website still rank low down in the results page.

Many website owners believe that they can not improve their rankings dramatically because online competition is increasing and there is a ‘magic’ formula out there that allows certain websites to rank higher.

This is not totally incorrect. There are various SEO strategies that can effectively enable you to rank higher up the list. You just need to focus, understand the basics and allow your website time to climb up the ranking. You cannot expect that once you start applying SEO search engine optimization Houston strategies on to your website, to climb up the ranks immediately. In certain cases, where competition is high (there are many websites that are competing with your in a similar industry, that are targeting the same key words) it may take a while for your website to appear on the first page of Google. You need to understand this and accept it. Keep following the SEO strategy and make sure you follow the results. As long as you are moving up the ranks on a month to month basis, you are doing ok.

Initially you will notice that you make major jumps, leaping pages at a time. As you increase and your website has to outrank other sites that are also optimized, the process becomes slower.

Below a couple of points to remember when doing SEO:

· You have to wait for Google to crawl (visit / tag) your site. If the Google spider has not crawled your site it will not be indexed. This can take a couple of days to a month or two. This is usually the case for a new site, which has never been indexed before. It is important to ensure that you effectively implement all the onsite SEO requirements, such as meta tags and title tags.

Once your site has been crawled, it is important to ensure that your keyword density and frequency is correct. Do not focus on too many keywords per page. Stick to the rules.

Ensure that you have a sitemap. A website with out a sitemap is like going on a long trip with out taking your GPS or a map. The site map allows the Google spider to find its way around the site more effectively

It is important to keep your website updated with fresh content. Write effective, informative content. Google tries to give its users the freshest, most relevant content, so by you ensuring that your website is kept updated gives you a better chance of climbing the Google ranking. Many sites use RSS feeds. We recommend that you generate articles on your website as this ensures that you have original copy.

Links are also a very important online strategy for your website. Links are simply connections between your website and others. As a rule of thumb, the more links you have the better. One way links are better then 2 way links. This is not as simple as just putting links on your site. The relevance of the links and the quality of links that you have play a large role in the success on your SEO initiative.

If you follow the basic SEO strategies stated above, there is no reason why your website will not improve in rankings.