Renew Your Home’s Style

By namague Jun17,2019

When you are fixing up your home there are endless ways to accomplish the task. Choose things that will improve the value of the home and the quality of life. Some things are do-it-yourself and other projects require professional help.

Major Fix-ups

Knocking out a wall or remodeling a bath or kitchen can make a huge difference in the flow and appeal of your home. Calling one of the experts in kitchen remodel Green Cove Springs FL offers can make the job a lot easier.

Add Some Pizazz With Trim

Install wood trim around windows for a little extra detail. You can miter the corners, add rosettes (carved wooden squares) or add a length of crown molding across the tops to add a bit of grandeur.

Get out the Paintbrush

The fastest and arguably least expensive way to change the feel of a home is with paint. If you are trying to paint out cigarette odors, use an odor and stain blocking primer first. Prepare walls by filling any dents or nail holes, paying special attention to any chips on the outer corners. Make sure to paint doors and trim as well.

Change out Your Flooring

Update your carpet, hardwood, tile or laminate but avoid super trendy styles that could go out of style in a year or two. Opt instead for classic finishes with longevity. Choose materials that are suitable for your lifestyle (consider pets, children and hobbies) and will hold up over time.

Don’t Forget the Jewelry!

The “jewelry” puts the finishing touch on the home. In this category are light fixtures, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, doorknobs and even shower rods and faucets. Choose a finish that suits your style and use the same finish throughout for a cohesive and finished look.

Look around for ideas and choose those things that will make a positive change in your home’s appearance. Choose things you love and that make you feel happy when you are around them.

By namague

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