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Reasons You May Need a Survey of Your Property

By namague Oct10,2018

Looking at your deed may tell you where your property begins and ends, but it can be difficult to understand. If you are planning to add fences or need to know where your property lines are for another reason, you may need the services of a surveyor.

Disputes Over Property Lines

Often, people think they own property when it actually belongs to a neighbor. If you build an addition to your home based on what you think you own, part of your room could be on another person’s property. This could result in a lawsuit. You may have to tear down a room that you just spent money to build. This is one of the reasons it is best to find out where your property line ends and your neighbor’s begins. One example of a land surveyor hernando county fl is Braden Land Surveying.

There are some properties that include an agreement from many years ago called an easement. Essentially, this means if your property keeps your neighbor from having access to a road, they have the right to use your land to get to the road. Although they do not own your property, they have an interest in it for the purpose of getting to the road. They cannot live on your property or prevent others from using this access unless it interferes with their ability to use it, such as erecting a fence.

When You Buy Property

Surveys should always be done prior to purchasing property. If it has been many years since property changed hands, it is likely that it has not been surveyed for a long time. Landmarks that once were used to mark boundaries may be long gone, or someone could have put a pipe or marker where they thought their land ended and the next property began. Without an actual survey, you may be buying more or less than you thought.

When you have your land surveyed, it is a good idea to walk with the surveyor. This will give you a far better idea of the boundaries of your property than simply reading the survey report.

By namague

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