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Preventing Fires: Five Important Tips You Need To Know

By namague Apr9,2022

Over 3,500 people are tragically killed each year in fires. Another 15,000 people will be injured trying to escape a blaze.

Fires are a frightening reality no matter where you live, but luckily, there are many ways to help prevent them. Smoke detection technology, such as fire protection systems NYC, can help to alert you quickly if a fire is detected in your home. Other tips, such as having a fire plan and mitigating any known hazards, can also make a huge difference in your family’s safety.

Install (And Maintain) Smoke Detectors

The experts agree that the single most important fire prevention tool at your disposal is smoke alarms. In fact, the American Red Cross estimates that families with working smoke alarms in their homes have a 50% less death risk than people who do not.

But it’s not enough to simply have smoke detectors installed. They also need to be checked and cleaned frequently. Batteries should be changed at least twice a year, or more if they are making the chirping “nuisance alarm” sound. Smoke detectors don’t last forever, either. The complete unit should be replaced every ten years.

Have a Family Escape Plan

Smoke and fire can be extremely disorienting, especially for older people, children and pets. Prepare your family ahead of time by having an emergency plan. Let kids know to stay low and crawl to the nearest exit. Once safely outside the home, have everyone meet at a designated place away from the house, such as at the mailbox.

In addition to having a plan, fire escape ladders should be stored in each bedroom, especially if the home has two floors. These ladders fold up for storage, but can be quickly expanded if someone needs to escape from a window.

Get Out and Stay Out

If your house is on fire, your first priority is to get yourself out as quickly as possible. But once you’re outside, and other family members are not, you may feel tempted to run back into the burning building to help.

Although the desire will be strong, experts advise against this behavior. Instead of running back into a dangerous situation, it’s best to wait for professional help to arrive. Firefighters have the right gear and training to enter a burning building.

Mitigate All Hazards

Known hazards should be remedied before it’s too late. Be sure to frequently walk around your home and take note of any potential dangerous situations. Do you have long curtains in the kitchen that could ignite from the heat of the stove? Are your fireplaces clean and maintained? Analyzing potential dangers can make all the difference when it comes to fire prevention.

Fires are frightening, but in some instances, they can be prevented with mitigation, awareness and appropriate detectors. Take some time today to double-check your family’s fire plan.

By namague

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