Peculiarities of renovation of an office rented in a business centre

By namague Apr15,2023

Peculiarities of renovation of an office rented in a business centre

Office renovation and decoration are seriously different from renovating a house or apartment. The main aspects of office renovation work are timing and quality. Most companies rent offices in business centres. Often these premises are provided for finishing. And accordingly, first of all, to understand by whom and within what time frame the renovation work of the leased facility should be performed, the tenant should understand the legal aspects.


The legal basis is the lease agreement. The legal act stipulates that the obligation to carry out global works is incumbent on the landlord and, currently – on the tenant. However, by the parties’ agreement, these rules can be changed.


Also, an important aspect is the original condition of the premises being leased, especially if another organization previously rented the space. 


A severe problem for the tenant may be the presence of deviations in the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the actual premises from the official technical plan. Such changes could be evidence of unauthorized alterations to the property, for which the current tenant would be liable in the event of an inspection by the supervisory authority. To prevent such a situation, an acceptance report should be drawn up when signing the lease agreement for an office in a business center so that the tenant can prove his point in the future. And only after that seek the services of a tenant build-out contractor

Critical aspects of the repair

The basis for the execution of repair work is to conduct the office of the electrical system, ventilation, air conditioning, and communications. The existing plan for the arrangement of workplaces and other areas in the office should draw up a diagram of the location of communications and electrical equipment. This will allow the rational use of materials and equipment, creating the most user-friendly network. In addition, to ensure that employees do not have difficulty in their workflow, the plan should take the following into account:


  • What equipment and office equipment and how much is needed by each employee.

  • The number of people who will be in the room at the same time;

  • Location of workstations and other office areas.

  • It is essential to determine the office space planning, choosing between the classical office system and an open space format. After all, the office layout, like nothing else, forms the level of interaction between employees and customers, creating a healthy atmosphere in the team. Including when thinking about the structure of the room and the number of workplaces, it is worth providing the possibility of placing a few spare tables in case of expansion of the company staff.


Remember the need to make rational use of natural space. Thus, in place of a window sill, you can place a table in the niches to build the necessary furniture, which will visually increase the space of the working room.


A serious aspect of the office arrangement, rented in a business center, is the proper lighting. There should be enough light, and the optimal placement of lighting devices is guaranteed to save the number of utility bills for electricity. If it is necessary to use projectors for presentations, the possibility of darkening the room should be considered.

Choosing the interior – the financial side of the issue

Today on the market, a considerable number of design studios offer a wide range of services for developing the interior design of office space. But whether the exclusive design is worth the investment is entirely for the tenant. Sometimes it is better to stop at the standard decoration of the office space, often already included in the cost of the rent.


As you know, any project has its budget, and the efficient use of available resources is the task of a competent manager. It should be remembered that leasing an office in a business center is an investment, and this investment should pay off.


By namague

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