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Not Just Another Patio Bench: Making Yours Stand Out

By namague May16,2022

Not Just Another Patio Bench: Making Yours Stand Out

Whether your style is country, modern, or eco-friendly, you want it to flow and complement your living space. Outdoor living is an extension of your home and likely a space that is used frequently. Providing your guests ample places to sit and enjoy themselves is a necessity in any outdoor space. There are many materials to choose from including wood, iron, wicker, metal, plastic, concrete.

An important thing to keep in mind is to design for the “feel” you are going for. If you’re designing for a beach house: choose weather resistant resin-coated wicker and either colorful cushions to go for a tropical theme, or a cool blue or green to relax your senses. If you have a large beautiful garden and want to show it off, choose natural wood to blend in with the landscape or iron to juxtapose it. Using contrasts whether they are contrasting materials, colors, or shapes, make objects stand out.

Texture is another way to make your patio bench stand out in a simple way. If the topper of the bench is tufted, it adds visual interest to the bench, even if it is a solid color. Using textured and patterned pillows against a solid cushion or solid textured pillows against a floral cushion, is an easy way to create visual excitement. Stripes are a classic and timeless way to make your patio bench stand out. Bold colors are a sure way to get your patio bench noticed.

Another thing to consider is that benches don’t come in one shape or are all used in the same way. Adirondack-style chairs are great to use around the fire pit and some are 2-seaters that come with a tray in the middle to hold your snacks and beverages. Another classic that most people don’t consider right away is the glider bench. It stands out against other benches because it is a more comfortable way to relax in your patio. The glider bench is a favorite for decompressing after a long day.

There are so many options in patio furniture and it’s tough to choose just one. The most important shopping tip is to figure out the “feel” you’re going for, before you even consider making that purchase. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, as the best way to make your bench stand out is to use different colors and patterns.

By namague

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