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Learn All About the Different Types of Garage Doors

By namague May19,2022

Before you go shopping for a new garage door for your home, you should learn about your different styles. Garage doors come in many styles, including Side-hinged, Overhead, Roll-up, and steel. Here are examples of the most popular types of garage doors. In addition, depending on your home, you may want a carriage house garage door. These are very traditional garage doors that give off a rustic, farmhouse feel.

Side-hinged garage doors

Side-hinged garage doors have several benefits. The doors can be used as a workshop, storage, or utility room. They feature a robust and simple design, ensuring long-lasting performance. You can choose panel layout, whether horizontal, vertical, or chevron style. Stainless steel windows come in various shapes, which gives you the option of personalizing the look of your garage door. The colors and patterns can be selected to coordinate with the style of your house, bringing coherence to the house facade.

Side-hinged garage doors are available in timber, steel, and GRP. They can be supplied framed with hardware, such as two monkey tail shoot bolts and four anti-drop anchored dog bolt hinges. You can select from single skin or double-skin, half-inch or full-height, depending on your preferences. You can also choose from two or three-panel door options for added security.

Overhead garage doors

There are different types of residential garage doors summerville sc. Unlike a traditional garage door, an overhead door raises itself on rollers or tracks to the ceiling. These garage doors can remain vertical, parallel to the ceiling, or move from one side to the other. In addition, some types come with windows or insulation. An excellent way to understand all of the options is to ask questions to your door company. Learn all about the different types of garage doors before you buy one for your home.

Glass garage doors are beautiful, but they aren’t the most privacy-friendly option. In addition, while glass is relatively durable and can work with any door type, they tend to be more challenging to clean. Because of this, they need to be maintained more frequently. If you have time to keep them, though, the advantages of a glass door may outweigh the maintenance. Glass doors also look more modern and stylish.

Roll-up garage doors

Roll-up doors are an excellent option when looking to replace an existing garage door. They do not require extensive maintenance and, unlike wooden doors, do not warp, rot, or crack. An excellent way to keep these doors in good shape is to thoroughly clean them now and then. This way, you can free up employees to do other work. Also, compared to wooden doors, roll-up doors do not require paint or staining, which will make them last for many years.

Most roll-up garage doors are made of steel and are low maintenance. They are available in insulated and non-insulated models. Because they have a slat-like design, they are ideal for spaces where ceiling space is limited. The panels are 2″ to 3″ steel slats that roll around a drum above the door opening. The steel slats prevent drafts and maintain a solid barrier between the interior and exterior.

Steel garage doors

If you’re looking to update the look of your home, steel garage doors might be a perfect choice. There are three main styles of steel garage doors: contemporary, traditional, and classic. Contemporary steel doors often feature glass and metal. Consider installing a garage door with a modern aesthetic if you want to make a statement. These doors are a beautiful addition to any home and make it stand out. But, of course, they’ll also look great against the rest of your home, too!

Steel garage doors look brand new for a fresh coat of paint. Not only do they protect the interior of the home, but they can hide signs of age. Steel garage doors require proper surface preparation before painting, so use quality latex paint. Make sure to dry the area before painting thoroughly. Afterward, apply the primer to protect the metal from scratches. Later, paint your steel garage door with a new coat of paint.

Wood garage doors

Wooden garage doors can come in many different types. The type of wood will determine the price of the door. Some types of wood are more durable and dense than others, while some can work better with specific finishes. When deciding on the kind of wood you want for your door, consider the type of wood you have in your home. You can also find doors with glass or metal panels to add a unique touch to your garage.

Cedar is one of the best options for wooden garage doors. It is naturally resistant to pests and moisture damage. Unlike some other types of wood, cedar does not warp. It also provides excellent soundproofing and insulation. Cedar can be stained to any color or left unfinished for a natural look. If you prefer the look of cedar, you can select Spanish cedar for its fragrant aroma. However, if you want a more refined wood finish, you can also opt for redwood.

Glass garage doors

While garage doors are an essential part of your home’s exterior, there are many other choices for the door itself. While glass doors are aesthetically appealing, they are not the best choice for privacy. Glass garage doors can break or chip easily when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Additionally, they are not very sturdy and require constant repair. These factors make glass doors a poor choice for homes in the Midwest. Therefore, it is good to consider other materials when deciding on a garage door.

The most common garage door style is the rolling door, a combination of two hinged sections. These are usually taller than their width and operate by a spring-balanced motor. They can lift a thousand pounds and work manually or with a unique remote control. Unlike roller-type doors, roll-up doors are not weathertight. However, they are an excellent option if you need a wide door for the garage and are willing to spend extra money.

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