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Landscaping Trends and Ideas

By namague Jun14,2018

Getting in touch with nature is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in interior decors and in landscapes. Landscape designs are beginning to include ideas for small lawns rather than being focused on spacious, rural landscapes. Keeping in mind that many people do not have hours to dedicate to lawn maintenance and upkeep, there’s an increasing trend toward low maintenance landscape designs.


Hardscaping is becoming increasingly popular. It reduces a large portion of the upkeep of your lawn. Creating planters, flower beds, designated garden spaces, patios and walkways using hardscape material is an excellent way to reduce the weekly upkeep of your lawn. Taking advantage of services such as mulch delivery Braintree ma is a time-saving way to have a supply of mulch on hand as you create your landscape design.

What to Plant

There is an increase in the number of people adopting a health-conscious lifestyle. Including a garden of edibles in your landscape design is a great way to have herbs and vegetables on hand that you can incorporate into your healthy diet. Raised beds filled with organic compost are a way to grow an edible garden just outside your door. You can grow a lot of herbs and vegetables in a small space.

Containers and Planters

Large decorative containers and planters can be placed on top of the hardscaping you included in your landscape. To continue with the idea of supporting nature, you could plant a pollinator garden in containers. Flowering herbs are ideal for a pollinator garden. You can snip and eat some of the herbs while allowing a portion of them to bloom and attract beneficial bees and butterflies. You might want to focus on creating a bird-friendly landscape design. This would include shrubs that birds can use as shelter or as a nesting site. A water feature, bird feeders and bird houses should also be incorporated into a landscape designed to attract birds.

Your landscape design should showcase your interests and accommodate your lifestyle and budget. Spending time outdoors can be relaxing and invigorating.

By namague

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