How to Renovate a Small Apartment into a Spacious Dream Home

By namague May2,2017

If you live in a small apartment, you know the struggles of feeling closed in and uncomfortable. However, there are a few ways for you to renovate your small living space, bringing it closer to your idea of a dream home. Follow the upcoming guidelines to feel happier with your home space.

Write Down Exactly What You Want

Your renovation ideas might sound great in your head, but they would look better and more realistic on paper. Jot down your ideas to make sure they are 1) possible and 2) within your reach. You might find that some ideas are better left to dreams, while others would actually make great real-world renovations.

Remodel Based on Room and Budget

Kitchen remodels can be costly, but not quite as expensive as an entire living room or bedroom. Honestly, the costs of your renovations will depend on your contractors or DIY materials, as well as the size of your space and your ideas. Before you spend lots of cash on renovations for a room, pick your room and budget out the money you can use on your remodel.

Use Colors to Your Advantage

To get that spacious appearance, use “open” colors, such as light blues and mellow yellows. These colors give your rooms the appearance of space, while adding much-needed color to typically bland, white walls. When in doubt, ask your local home repair shop which colors would best “open up” your living spaces.

Strive to Be Happy in Your Living Space

Sometimes a positive mood is all it takes to transform your living space into a dream home or relaxing haven. Look around you. Find things that make you the happiest in your apartment or home, and focus on them. You might have a super-comfortable bed, complete with down pillows and a plush comforter. Or, you may have a beautiful kitchen with a stocked pantry and plenty of cooking utensils. You are blessed in many ways. Sometimes, to be satisfied with your living space, you simply have to stop and see how blessed you truly are.

The above-mentioned tidbits can help you renovate your small apartment or home, but this advice can also help you feel happier in your existing home. Whether you are renovating the entirety of your living space, or simply throwing in a few new accents, use these tips as beginner guidelines.

By namague

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