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How Jessica and Sue Settled Their Differences and Bought a Sofa They Both Liked

By namague Apr25,2023

How Jessica and Sue Settled Their Differences and Bought a Sofa They Both Liked

Jessica and Sue had been friends for a long time, despite their differences. Jessica liked to travel and go out, whereas Sue like to just stay in and read a book. Once they decided to move in together in California, it didn’t take very long for a problem to arise.

Both Sue and Jessica liked the apartment they got, except for one piece of furniture; the sofa. It had a really tasteless animal print, and simply didn’t fit in with the rest of the decor. They both agreed that they had to get a new one.

Jessica wanted to go to the furniture immediately and pick one out, but Sue had read that they should not rush something like this. She grabbed a folder and told Jessica to pick 3 sofas that she liked. Jessica picked a leather chesterfield sofa, a leather corner sofa and a reclining sofa, also made of leather. “So,” Sue deadpanned, ” I guess you like leather sofas, huh? Well, I much prefer fabric ones. This is what I mean. We need to come to some arrangements before we get to the store.”

” Okay,” Jessica said, “How do you suggest we settle this?”

Sue put out the idea that they would both explain why they prefer their choice, and they could both make a counter argument. Jessica told Sue she wanted a leather sofa, because lasts a lot longer than fabric. Sue countered her with the suggestion that they would likely only live together for a few years at best, so durability would be no necessity.

Sue’s own argument was that the climate they were currently living in would allow for some very hot weather. A leather sofa would not be the best type of furniture to have, since it would stick to their skin. Jessica saw the reason behind Sue’s arguments, and couldn’t really come up with a reasonable counter. Thus, she agreed to get a fabric sofa.

Next, they would talk about what size they wanted their sofa to be, and what design they both preferred, and in the end both Jessica and Sue had an image of the kind of sofa they were going to buy in mind; one that they would both be happy with.

If you too are living with somebody, and you need to buy a new sofa, take some time to talk with your roommate or partner about the sofa that you’re going to buy. As you saw in this article, your opinions might be very different, and it is much better to settle these issues at home than fall into an argument at the furniture store.

By namague

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