Home Decor Trends 2019

The 2019 décor trends won’t have you confined to rules, restrictions and requirements. The 2019 trend focuses on natural elements and nature-related décor. You can create a décor that exemplifies your personal style and is right on target with the newest trend. You can showcase the elements of nature that you find most appealing or those that give insight into your interests, hobbies or passion.


The current trend is to use earthy colors in your home. What’s different about the color palette this year is that neutrals go beyond gray and beige. Shades such as green/gray or lilac/gray, earthy orange, dark blue, hazelnut and vanilla are the new neutrals. When choosing colors for your home, let natural elements such as the sky, the ocean, a forest, rocks, shells or an herb garden be your inspiration. Arts and crafts style rugs often include earthy colors that fit into the 2019 color trend.


To keep on target with the newest trend, you’ll need to include wood in your décor. Wood flooring adds a natural element, comfort and coziness to your home. Furniture is going to be less visually rigid in 2019 decors. Wood furniture with curves that provide visual fluidity will be quite popular. Rugs play a role in all decorating trends. Arts and crafts style rugs with nature-themed designs and earthy colors are an ideal fit for 2019 décor trend.


You can release your creativity and showcase your decorating style with the art you include in your home. A beautiful display of houseplants can be described as living art. Textured wall hangings such as rugs or woven tapestries fit well into the 2019 decorating trend. Paintings and photos of animals, trees and nature scenes accentuate the natural trend. Displays of river rocks, shells, seed pods and other natural elements complement a natural décor.

Now is the time to enjoy decorative freedom. An earthy décor trend opens up opportunities for you to include elements of nature that you feel a connection to in your décor. Your home should always be a reflection of you.