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Furniture – The Difference Between a Sectional Couch and a Sectional Sofa

By namague Aug18,2023

Furniture – The Difference Between a Sectional Couch and a Sectional Sofa

When we talk about sectional sofa and sectional couch; the first thing that comes to our mind is that there is no difference between these two pieces of furniture. Some say that couch and sofa are two words used for same type of furniture. Some people even point out that couch is a slang for sofa. This is because of the terms such as casting couch. Although there might be many similarities between these two but they are a lot different in shape; size and history. Both of them vary due to their prices, comfort and space and in some countries the word sofa is more used than couch.

Firstly; sectional couch is said to occupy less space than sectional sofa. People say that sectional couch can accommodate one or two people at a time where as sofa can accommodate 3 to 4 people at the same time. People use couches for formal scenarios; such as: sitting with friends, playing board games and having fun. Sofa is used for formal events, such as a gathering on an occasion or meeting with business partners. Sofas are used to represent class and taste where as couch is used to represent comfort.

There is even difference in size between these two furniture items. Sectional sofas provide more space but also take up more space in your room. Couches provide less space also take up very less space. Sofas are considered to be more expensive than couches due to size and shape. But both of these items are available in huge quantities at different furniture markets and it would not be hard to purchase them at inexpensive prices.

Couch is a word extracted from a French word called “couche” and sofa comes from an Arabic word called “suffah”. The difference will be very important while you are purchasing your furniture. It depends on your own personal choice; whether you want something that can accommodate more people or you want to go for something that provides less accommodation space. You even have to consider the size of your rooms. If your rooms are large enough then you should go for the sofa if you have a smaller room then couch will perform a good job.

While purchasing sofa or couch; visit a store where there are only these two furniture items and test them your selves and you will be easily able to figure out the difference between the two and your selection will become easier.

By namague

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