Four types of window that will transform your home

Four types of window that will transform your home

Windows can transform the look of any home, but choosing the right type of window isn’t always as easy as it seems, given the many kinds you can choose from. It can actually be pretty overwhelming. Will you opt for square, rectangular or even octagonal, canopy, inward opening, or sliding windows – the choice is almost endless. Each type of window offers something different and unique, and it’s just a case of finding the right fit for your home and your family.

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Bay or bow windows

Bay and bow windows extend out of the house from an external wall, creating an architectural accent that provides extra space in a room. A bay window normally consists of a central window that is flanked on two sides by windows angled at 30 degrees. A bow window, on the other hand, uses curved windows to create a similar effect.

Bay windows are a better fit with modern style homes, whereas bow windows are better suited for older homes.

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Skylight windows

If you have limited options for putting a window into an exterior wall, you can also opt for a skylight. This is basically a window that is installed into the roof to allow in more daylight.

Skylights, on the whole, remain closed and are used simply as a way of allowing in more light, but many do open to allow for cleaning. This is an expensive window choice, but is often the only option if space is limited.

Tilt and turn windows

A tilt and turn window, like those that can be found at can, according to Wikipedia, both open inwards from the sides and tilt inwards at the top using hinges at the bottom. The benefit of these kinds of windows is the flexibility they offer to your home, not to mention the ventilation and easy access for cleaning.

Sash windows

These windows have a history that stretches right back to the 1600s and are still often found in Georgian and Victorian houses across the UK. The window is made of two or more panels of glass that move vertically or horizontally to open. Sash windows are still a popular choice of window that fits in especially well with older buildings in the UK.