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Everyone Need a Storage Units

By namague Nov11,2017

Just about everyone will need a self storage unit at some point, but how exactly do you get the most out of it when that time comes? It may seem like you can just throw everything you own that you don’t immediately need into some Boston storage units, there is a little more to it than that if you want to preserve your belongings until you can reclaim them. Here are some tips for using a storage unit to your advantage.

Choose a Facility Wisely

There are storage units practically everywhere you look, and not all of them are created equal. As you look in your area for a storage unit, try to find one that is a member of the Self Storage Association. This will ensure that your belongings will be kept safe from theft, moisture, or anything else that could deprive you of your possessions.

Don’t Immediately Go With the Cheapest Option

You might be tempted to go with the most inexpensive storage company available, but that’s not always a good idea. While an affordable unit is always welcome, you also need to consider finding a company with good customer service and options such as 24-hour access and climate-controlled units even if it means spending a little extra money to get what you need.

Store Your Belongings Efficiently

Never just throw everything you own haphazardly into a storage unit, even a secured climate controlled one. Clean all of your clothing and linens, and pack small items into boxes to get the most out of your space.

Insure All of Your Valuable Belongings

Even though a good self storage unit will most likely keep your valuables safe, it’s still a good idea to insure them just in case. Accidents happen, and you should be compensated in case something that was particularly valuable and irreplaceable is lost or damaged.

Know Where Everything Is

There will no doubt be things that you will need to access more than others in your storage unit. Try to keep these things more accessible than the rest of your items, and keep a record of everything you have in self-storage. You’ll never know when you’ll need to retrieve it.

By namague

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