Enhance Your Home’s Value With This Simple Trick

If you’re feeling a bit ho-hum about the look of your home, you might wonder what easy, cost-effective solutions are out there. Sure, you could repaint the entire exterior, or maybe replace the gutters with something fancier looking, or maybe you’re aiming to add solar panels to the roof for energy efficiency. All those ideas are good, sure, but they require time, money, and dedication — whether or not you do it yourself.

There’s a simpler option, though: Window grids, which are sometimes called grilles. What are they? Grilles are inserts attached with push pins for window grids, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. They are attached to the frame and give your windows a fresh new look — one that will definitely increase the curb appeal of the house.

The Perfect Style To Match Your Home Decor

Regardless of the size, shape, or even age of your windows, adding a decorative grid can spice up the look and give your home an upgrade.

Looking for a classic flair? Check out the colonial or diamond grille styles. Want a bit more modern? A radial top grille can give your window a showy sunrise look. You can accent plain windows with a center sash bar, or even have custom designs made to match your home’s unique style.

Window grids are economical and easy to install for those DYI enthusiasts. It doesn’t take a lot of time, either, so you could dedicate a weekend to your project and have beautifully enhanced windows by Monday. Make sure you measure your windows so you can order the right-sized grilles for each one.

Whatever your home’s style, there are options for window grids that will match your aesthetics. You can even add value to your home by installing window grids to give it a fresh look.