Difference between automatic and semi automatic washing machine

With the economic boom and rise in consumerism, the electronics industry in India has seen a rapid growth. Washing machines are a big part of that growth story. It is the solution to our everyday laundry and we human beings are almost addicted to this machine. But you are reading this article since you have been clearly overwhelmed by the various categories they belong to and the tech jargon that accompanies them. So without further ado let’s clear up that cloud of confusion.

Washing machines in India fall into two basic categories; Automatic and semi automatic. To help you pick the best available product in the market, a comparison is given as a solution to your problem.

Semi automatic washing machine

These are usually budget oriented and entry level models. Good brands usually equip their machines with two tubs, one for washing and another for drying. These types of machines demand an ample amount of human intervention and a lot of manual work. Semi-automatics usually cost half or a third of the amount you would need to cash in for a fully automatic. But has lower mobility and cramps up space due to the bulkier size. Click here on the URL of the online store and get hand on your desired product.


  • Significantly cheaper
  • Does not require a continuous water supply and saves a lot of water compared to its fully automatic cousin. Best suited for dry regions with limited water resources
  • Saves a lot on the energy bill compared to fully automatic


  • Lacks a lot of convenient functions like time delay and demands constant supervision
  • In case of a power cut, the washing machine needs to be reprogrammed from the start
  • There is no front loading option for the semi automatic
  • Not suitable for use in large scale or a laundry business

Fully automatic washing machine

While semi automatics can be referred to as the underdog of the laundry world who come by and throw a punch once in a while. Fully automatic washing machines are the true reigning champions. Yes, they can be a bit heavy on your pocket but deliver equal services and features which allow you to be a lazy sloth. While they require more power and water, it gets balanced when you take in account the smaller form factor and beautiful designs.


  • Human interference is needed at a negligible level. A lot of time is saved since other tasks or chores can be handled while clothes are being washed.
  • Power cuts are not an issue since it would resume its wash cycle from where it was ceased
  • Fully automatic comes with loads of amazing features like fuzzy logic (detects the amount of water and detergent needed based on the weight of clothes), auto shutdown, time delay and save settings.
  • They are compact and come in both top loading and front loading options


  • High cost
  • Greater water usage compared to a semi automatic
  • Utilizes much more power than the bulky yet energy efficient semi automatics

Limited water, low energy bills and a tight budget are the key factors which would drive you towards a semi automatic washing machine. But if those are not the issue then you can save a lot of time regularly and enjoy hassle-free laundries with a fully automatic washing machine. A live hood without a washing machine is really tough and so you need to be clever before making this investment as the fate of all your clothes depends on a good washing machine.