Custom Made Locks: Are They Worth It?

By namague Mar16,2019

As we enter into the digital age, there are many aspects of our lives that are changing. Whether it is for better or worse, change is an inevitable part of human existence. Likewise, our own journeys and destinies change overtime. Even our own personality is vulnerable to the changes and time and circumstances might make. It is not an excuse to be complacent or to go against this kind of change, as it is a part of human survival to adapt to the changes. We may not have evolved to the most advanced species of this planet if not for this innate adaptability. As the passage of time comes and goes, certain things also need to change or adapt to the current system. One of which is the trade and business world.

For example, there are many jobs or occupations that may seem to be old fashioned and should already be out of practice. Making swords and weaponry is already considered now as an art more than its combative purposes. Pottery is almost disappearing as only the rich can afford the best and most luxurious items. Even weaving has been replaced by the machine woven cloths as it is easier and for mass production. However, there are still these “old” professions that are still thriving until today like tartan weaving (read more). The renaissance is more attributed to its use in TV shows such as Highlander.

Locksmithing is one of them.

Security has always been in the forefront of many homes and families ever since the conception of the idea of such. There is always need to have some sort of security measure because the world is such a dangerous place. The walls of a home may not be enough to fend off any kind of danger that can stem from the outside. So, fences and other harder and durable materials were used to make the home safer yet still livable for the family. However, as humanity changed into a more structural society, the need for security increased and it is not just people anymore that you want to protect. Material possessions are now included in your security risks and the more valuable they are, the tighter your security should be.

One of the professions that stemmed from this increasing need is locksmithing. It has been in business for more than two millennia now and various kingdoms and countries have used them ever since. Vaults and chests are becoming more popular as well, and the need for locksmiths increased. There was a time when it was just simple mechanism with a lock and key and it was only available to the elite. However, as mass production and commercialization went on the rise, the idea of having your own lock and key might sound a bit gaudy. Add to the fact that these commercialized locks and keys are also durable and are less expensive than the custom made ones. You can even check them out online, like this website: A lot of them have already transitioned to the internet for easier access for potential customers.

Still, there is still room for your home to have a custom made lock as there are a lot of advantages that it could offer to you.

1. Custom made locks offer tighter security.

Usually, commercial made locks have similar mechanisms which makes them a bit on the predictable side when it comes to locks. Yes, they may have different combinations for different keys but their idea and concept is the same. This makes them very vulnerable to any kind of lock picking as it would be easy for the perpetrator to study the maker’s mechanisms and use it every time. There are even tutorials online, like this one here:  Having a custom made lock makes it harder for anyone to crack or break it open which gives you peace of mind for your valuables.

2. Materials can be improved for your convenience.

With commercial locks, they have common materials like brass and steel for their body. If you want it custom made, you can choose more durable materials for your locks. This makes it hard for anyone to just forcibly open your vaults or doors. It can be easy for a plier or metal cutter to cut any common lock but with custom made ones, it makes it harder for them to do so.

 3. It can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you have tighter security, you are saving thousands worth of valuables by just having your own custom made locks. As they are more durable than your common ones, it can be harder for anyone to just break in and steal your stuff.

By namague

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