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Creating the Perfect Christmas Sitting Room

By namague Dec28,2020

Creating the Perfect Christmas Sitting Room

A cold and dark winter is on the forecast and whilst you might not have the time and cash to completely redesign, as we edge towards the festive period there are lots of things you can do to create the perfect environment for a cosy, family holiday. Whether you choose to simply lash a fresh layer of paint, invest in a new sofa and chairs, or splash out on flooring and fittings, here’s our guide to achieving the perfect Christmas sitting room.

Log Fire

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the obligatory log fire and toasted chestnuts – plus, as energy prices have rocketed and we’ve all become more environmentally aware, fires are increasingly becoming the sustainable choice. Whether you opt for an open fire or stove, there are all manner of options available to meet most budgets and tastes.

Atmospheric Lighting

The warmth and intimacy of a room is easily influenced by the lighting – if you consistently opt for a bright central light, the room will always lack a certain level of warmth, regardless of furniture and fittings. Strategic lighting allows you to play with the space, creating both localised lighting for specific tasks such as reading, but also atmosphere – shades will also play an important part here, choose carefully when selecting colour and shape.

Independent Dining

Christmas dinner should represent the pinnacle in roast meals, but with all the trimmings comes an awful lot of mess and clearing up. In an ideal world we’d all have a separate dining area, one where we could simply close the doors and head to the sofa for a well deserved snooze – if you don’t have this option there are still some easy and cost effective solutions. Room dividers are increasing in popularity, whether you choose a built in option or a simple screen – otherwise maximise on your space and source a free standing bookcase that can act as both divider and storage solution.

Changing Colour

A simple coat of paint can transform a space, changing both atmosphere and sense of dimensions. Whether you choose to opt for light colours to maximise on a sense of space, or rich, dark tones for warmth and cosiness, you’ll want to consider finish: flat, eggshell or gloss. ‘Feature walls’ are also becoming increasingly popular, for using either bold paint palates or wallpaper.

Soft Furnishings

The one rule for winter is to ‘lush up’, whether that means investing in a new deep pile rug for the fireside and a soft throw and cushions for your existing sofa, or splashing out on a completely new sofa and chairs. The challenge for Christmas though is to ensure that everyone has a comfy post-dinner resting place, which means either additional armchairs, or alternatively big, deep floor cushions, which carry minimal financial and spatial impact.

By namague

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