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Choosing Central Air Conditioning for Your Home

By namague Oct10,2017

Most consumers today want central air conditioning installed in their home. This is because it cools the whole house, and has many energies saving qualities.

A qualified contractor can help you choose the best kind for your home. It is important to understand the different types of units available, and how they work. When you choose an air conditioning Yelm WA contractor keep the types of central air conditioning units in mind.

Split systems are one of the most common types of central air conditioning found in the US. The evaporator coil removes heat and moisture from the air. The coil is often tucked in a cabinet inside the house, and the condenser coil is located outside. The condenser releases heat, and pumps refrigerant between two coils.

Indoors the unit is connected to a series of ducts and blowers that circulate air through all rooms of the house. It is a good choice for anyone with a central furnace because, it saves money. It shares the duct work used by the heating system.

Heat pumps are split systems that heat the house in the cold weather, and in the warm weather pumps the heat from the house and cools it. It works best in warmer climates where temperature do not reach freezing. It is not suitable to cold weather climates.

In colder climates, a geothermal heat pump might be an option. It works by drawing heat from the ground, instead of the air. It is more expensive than other types of systems.

Packed central air conditioners are units that combine the condenser, evaporator, and condenser in one unit. Often, it is placed on a roof, or outside on concrete. Ducts from the roof or outdoor wall draws air from inside and returns its it cooler. It can be combined with a gas furnace or heating coils.

Ductless split mini systems work well in homes that do not have any duct work This unit has an outdoor compressor, and indoor air handling units. They are mounted on the wall and have blowers. These units are connected by tubing inside and out. It is installed in one room and only cools that room.

The benefit of this unit is it can be installed without tearing down walls and installing duct work. It saves money when you only want to cool certain rooms not the whole house. When choosing a central air conditioner consider the cooling capacity of the unit. This is measured by the size of the house.

The efficiency of the unit is called SEER. This is the amount of electricity used to run the air conditioner and how efficient it runs. Another factor to consider when having a unit installed is the cost of maintaining it from year to year.

There is motion activated systems air conditioning systems. This means it only comes on when people are in the room. It will be a more compact portable system. This is a trend that will become popular over the next few years. New air conditioning systems are improving constantly.

Once a year your central air conditioning should be cleaned and serviced. They will replace filters, clean coils, drain pans, and clean the blower. Units should be checked for leaks and filled with refrigerant when needed. Maintaining your units keep them running efficiently.

By namague

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