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Checking for Foundation Problems in Your Home

By namague Aug17,2017

A couple of times a year, you should inspect your property for foundation issues. There is no need to make any determination as to whether you have a foundation issue; you only need to check for symptoms. If you detect anything, a professional company offering property maintenance services can inspect your property to determine if there is a foundation repair issue.

Check for signs on the outside of your home
You need to check the outside of your house along the bottom edges to look for shifting walls that are separating from the house. Also look at your windows, and notice if there is any separation as well. Check for any cracks on the outside of the house, especially in stone and brick where no cracks should be.

Check signs on the inside of your home
The place to focus your inspection will be the basement. It is here that the signs of a foundation issue will manifest themselves. You need to look at the floor and carefully look for any uneven appearance on the floor or a noticeable slope that previously was not there. Sometimes the floor will be fine, but it will be the walls that are warped or showing large cracks.

Cracks may need a professional inspection
Sometimes a crack can indicate a foundation issue, but at other times, it will simply be a crack. However, cracks lead to leaks, so they will need to be repaired to prevent foundation issues in the future. Basement Leak Repair is a service that a foundation repair company will perform. In addition, they will also provide waterproofing Ottawa services too.

One example of this type of company in the Ottawa, Ontario area is Renco Home Improvements.

By namague

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