Buying a New Sofa

By namague Sep 9, 2020

Buying a New Sofa

Since we recently planned on buying a new home I didn’t want to bring in my old furniture. With some recommendation from my friends, I went to a furniture store to look around. Previously I Googled different styles and designs on fabric sofas. So I decided that I want something formal but comfortable. Didn’t really decide on what fabric I was looking for since it doesn’t matter because there are only two people in our household and there are no kids.

Frequently we do have dog visits since we have friends who have two pit bulls. I recently watched a video where one of the dogs bit into a leather sofa, but my friends dogs are obedience trained. So I just knew that I would get what ever fabric looked and felt good. My partner wanted to get a recliner sofa. I wasn’t really sure about that since those can be broken easily if you use them extensively. I was really surprised that they had so much sofas in neutral colors from beige to brownish. That is really not my style. I looked for something bright and lively that would give my new living room life since my walls are going to be in a kind of boring beige color.

So after we looked around for a long time I decided that I want one sofa and one loveseat. I really liked the color. It’s a bright greenish color. It was a good deal and also affordable for us. The fabric is cotton mixed with other natural fabrics. So it is pretty durable. After I bought my furniture I went to get some pillows for my fabric sofas and loveseat. I have found cute little pillows in a bright bluish color with a lively pattern. They go perfectly with my bright greenish furniture. I can’t wait to move into my new home and make it comfy and inviting for my friends and family.

By namague

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