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Barcelona Style Sofa And Dressing Table By Mies Van Der Rohe

By namague Aug28,2023

Barcelona Style Sofa And Dressing Table By Mies Van Der Rohe

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe has designed some of the most enduring classics in the world of furniture. The Barcelona sofa is one of his signature pieces that has been emulated the world over – a black Barcelona style sofa will never lose its appeal as its stunning looks and shape will provide pleasure for many years. If you are serious about stylish furniture then a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe inspired piece is the ideal item to add to your collection. The black Barcelona sofa is as comfortable as it is beautiful to look at and is the perfect addition to any home.

Although Ludwig Mies van der Rohe originally designed the Barcelona chair in 1929 for the King and Queen of Spain, the fact that its popularity has transcended the decades means it has now become a classic item of furniture. The Barcelona sofa is made in the same way as the chair, featuring the same high level design with its signature steel frame, but it has the added advantage of being large enough for two people to sit comfortably in. The stunning form of this piece of furniture with the understated beauty of its steel and leather construction makes it an item that will be treasured.

If you are particularly taken with the Barcelona style of furniture then it is possible to extend the look into other rooms. The Barcelona dressing table is a beautiful addition to the urban bedroom with its clean lines and frame. It is also an extremely flexible piece of furniture as it could just as easily be used as a console table in the hall. The Barcelona dressing table is the perfect size for the smaller bedroom without sacrificing any of the beautiful design features associated with the Barcelona ‘style’ of furniture.

In addition to the Barcelona dressing table, there are other items of bedroom furniture inspired by the same designer, including bedside cabinets and Barcelona stools. However, if there is one item of furniture inspired by this great designer that you should choose for your bedroom, it has to be the dressing table. This piece will add glamour and style to the room whilst ensuring that the beautiful lines of the original design are adhered to. A Barcelona dressing table is the ultimate in both looks and functionality and will elevate your bedroom into the realm of unparalleled style. This range of furniture really is iconic and will be greatly admired by all who see it.

By namague

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