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Asthma & Allergies – Carbon Monoxide – What You Do Not Know Could Kill You!

By namague Mar27,2021

Asthma & Allergies – Carbon Monoxide – What You Do Not Know Could Kill You!

It is interesting that most people are very concerned about mold and allergies but totally forget about Carbon Monoxide. You cannot see it like you can mold. It does not irritate you skin or nose like a chlorine allergy. Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer that needs to be targeted with importance by individuals with Asthma and Allergies.

Carbon Monoxide is produced by fuel burning appliances such as gas burning stoves that need to be vented to the outside. It is important to check the venting system on a regular basis to see if it has been clogged up. Recently, we inspected a home that had a serious exhaust leak in the laundry that was making the lady sick every time she did laundry and the hot water heater turned on in the room. The exhaust vent had a birds nest in it that was removed.

Another source of CO is your car in the garage or the gas powered hot water heater. Never start your car with the garage door closed. Some people start their car with the garage door closed before opening the door. This is not smart, due to things happening around you such as a distraction of a cell phone call that causes you to forget to open the door. In the meantime, CO is building up in the garage. Always open the door first, then start the car to back out immediately.

Recently, it was all over the news about a family that was in the hospital because they were running a generator in the home for electricity. The father lost his job and the electricity was turned off. Fortunately, the family survived with no consequences to their health. Never run a generator in your home because of the CO from the engine.

In conclusion, Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. At high concentrations, it can be fatal in a matter of minutes. You will not get a warning unless you have a CO Detector installed in your home. All homes should be equipped with a CO Detector. Individuals with Asthma or Allergies can be affected by CO.

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By namague

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